Are There Too Many People on Earth? || Ask Hugo | Hugo and Jake

"Are There Too Many People on Earth? || Ask Hugo" by Hugo and Jake
Subject of Discussion: Hugo gives sage advice to you yet again. Donate- https://www.patreon.com/HugoAndJake Jake's Twitter- @PapaBirdJake Hugo's Twitter- @HugoReloaded OFFICIAL DICORD!- Discord.me/HugoandJake TBR Logo Created By- Chris Cheape aka CheapeOne Front End/Back End Logos and Buttons Created by- Iskander Aminov aka @Izzy_IRA Theme Song- "Hugo and Jake" Written, performed, and sung by- Dorian Silk Download the Theme Song Here- https://soundcloud.com/mcityhoods/hugoandjake Lyrics- https://www.evernote.com/shard/s85/sh/54b9ea5e-237e-4d08-b2b3-2b29a9caae95/33d7c0f106c0c6f20440e95bc5b7d782 Dorian's Twitter- @DorianSilk #ClimateChange #HugoTime #FanMail

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