BREAKING: Trump pushes new LOSER argument he declassified everything at Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump released a statement this evening that all documents that left the White House were automatically declassified when they arrived at mar-a-lago. Regardless of how absurd this position is, the criminal charges Trump is being investigated for do not depend on the classification status of the documents. In short, Trump is in big trouble. Donate to MeidasTouch: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/mt-2022?refcode=youtube&amount=20.22 Buy MeidasTouch Merch: https://store.meidastouch.com Follow MeidasTouch on Twitter: https://twitter.com/meidastouch Follow MeidasTouch on Facebook: https://facebook.com/meidastouch Follow MeidasTouch on Instagram: https://instagram.com/meidastouch

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