Mar-a-Lago Search Warrant, Republicans’ DESPICABLE response, Democrats SOAR and MORE - Full Podcast

On today’s episode of The MeidasTouch Podcast, we dive right into the breaking news of the week to keep you up-to-date! First, we recap the search conducted in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and the right-wing reaction and movement to “defund the FBI.” We then cover the mainstream media’s abysmal coverage of the Trump search warrant and why they feel the need to both-sides issues instead of presenting the facts. The remainder of the show, we discuss Nebraska cops going after a seventeen-year-old girl and trying her as an adult after Facebook gave over her private DMs, Donald Trump invoking his Fifth Amendment right over 440 times & refusing to answer questions by investigators for New York Attorney General Letitia James, MAJOR Democratic victories and much more. If you enjoyed today’s show please be sure to rate, review and subscribe! New episodes of The MeidasTouch Podcast are released every Tuesday & Friday mornings at 5am ET. GET MEIDAS MERCH: https://store.meidastouch.com Remember to subscribe to ALL the Meidas Media Podcasts: MeidasTouch: https://pod.link/1510240831 Legal AF: https://pod.link/1580828595 The PoliticsGirl Podcast: https://pod.link/1595408601 The Influence Continuum: https://pod.link/1603773245 Kremlin File: https://pod.link/1575837599 Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen: https://pod.link/1530639447 The Weekend Show: https://pod.link/1612691018 The Tony Michaels Podcast: https://pod.link/1561049560

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